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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who provides residential water service for Broadmoore Estates?
A:  Hayden Lake Irrigation District, 208-772-2612 or
    Water for Broadmoore Park is provided by the city of Hayden from their own well.

Q: Who provides television service for Broadmoore Estates?
A: Spectrum Cable, 855-243-8892, or
     TDS Fiber, 855-259-8577, or
     Ziply Fiber, 866-699-4759, or
     DirecTV and DishNetwork, local installation provider 509-495-1554,       
       or and

Q: Who should I call to get a phone line?
A: Standard/digital phone line with  Ziply Fiber, 866-699-4759, or
      Digital phone (VOIP) through Spectrum, 855-243-8892, or
      Digital phone (VOIP) through TDS Fiber, 855-259-8577, or
      Digital phone (VOIP) through Vonage, Ooma and others.

Q: What are my choices for high-speed internet?
A: Cable modem through Spectrum Cable (see instructions for TV service).
     DSL/fiber modem through Ziply Fiber, 866-699-4759, or
     Fiber modem through TDS Fiber, 855-259-8577, or
     Wireless broadband, including Starlink, Airpipe, Intermax and others.,

Q: What company provides garbage service for Broadmoore Estates?
A:  Waste Management, or Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls sanitation,

Q: What schools are available?

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